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Friday, June 10, 2022
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Andrea Di Pastena

Arlette Sijmonsma

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Annet Breure

Elvira Oosterbaan

 Job Offers
Advisor / Account manager horticulture  Japan
Integrated Pest Management Supervisor - USA (WV)
Area Manager Middle East/Pakistan
Account Manager Substrates Asia

Shan Halamba, CEO Riococo:

"Quality and consistency through experience"

As we approach the second half of 2022, growers continue to face issues maintaining a steady supply of the materials necessary for efficient cannabis production. Chief among…

Cultivation for Compounds

Cultivation For Compounds: cultivation technology of the future today

Vertify, Cultivators and World Horti Center have formed the consortium Cultivation For Compounds, together with a group of dedicated suppliers. This consortium has committed…

Somchai Poomlard / The Phuket News

Thailand: Over 150,000 people register to grow cannabis

More than 150,000 people registered to cultivate cannabis via the application and website of the Food and Drug Administration yesterday morning (June 9) as the legalization of…

© Roxana Gonzalez Dreamstime.com

InMed launches THCV

"Increasing demand for rare cannabinoids"

InMed Pharmaceuticals has launched B2B sales of the rare cannabinoid delta 9-dominant tetrahydrocannabivarin (d9-THCV) into the health and wellness sector via its wholly-owned…

© Stefan Malloch Dreamstime.com

US (MO): Group of medical cannabis growers must destroy product and surrender licenses

A group of politically connected cannabis growers in Missouri must destroy their cannabis products and give up business licenses as part of an agreement to resolve a dispute…

© Roxana Gonzalez Dreamstime.com

Canadian company completes first export of feminized cannabis seeds to Lesotho

Avicanna announced that, through its majority-owned Colombian subsidiary, Santa Marta Golden Hemp S.A.S. (SMGH), the company has completed its first commercial export of…

Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

US (CO): Cannabis grow facility workers unionize: poor pay and safety issues

Green Dragon workers told Denverite in April that they were organizing after suffering poor treatment, low wages, and inadequate ventilation. Organizers said the bosses…

© Chimpinski Dreamstime.com

$147,000 medical cannabis shipment to specialty cancer care hospital in Brazil

Allied Corp. announced the execution of the agreement that was mentioned in the press release on April 27, 2022, regarding the signing of a forward purchase agreement with a…

"Growers can save up to 45% in energy compared with previous models"

The new Multifan Greenhouse Fan is Vostermans latest one. “It’s one of the most energy-efficient greenhouse fans on the market, ‘ according to Twan Venner of Vostermans. “The…

© Volodymyrbondarenkosound Dreamstime.com

US (MS): "We have received numerous calls with interest in cultivation"

With medical cannabis now legal in Mississippi, dispensaries and associated businesses could soon be seen in the city of Meridian as potential buyers are looking for land to…

Today on Social Media

Farmers 2 Pharma

Another successful shipment on its way to Australia.This is the fourth successful shipment from one of our South African licensed cultivators to Australia.Farmers 2 Pharma now…

© Openrangestock Dreamstime.com

US (AL): "Aspiring medical cannabis growers can apply for license in the fall"

Companies that want to grow, process, transport, test, and sell medical cannabis products as part of what will be a new seed-to-sale industry in Alabama can begin submitting…

Self-driving platform launched for robotic applications in greenhouse horticulture

During GreenTech, Metazet FormFlex will present its latest innovation; a self-driving platform. As it was specifically developed for robotic applications in greenhouse…

© Andrii Zorii Dreamstime.com

Combating money laundering

US Treasury Department wants to start collecting cannabis business data

The U.S. Treasury Department is proposing collecting data on cannabis businesses from banks—alongside industries it already tracks like liquor stores, convenience stores,…


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